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My first time

As I'm riding along with Paul and his first time on an ice boat, it reminded me of my first time out on the frozen trundra with my dad. The feeling of speed and the power of the wind made me feel like I was flying. When the time came for myself to go it alone, it was a feeling of accomplishment. Above all else my dad trusted me to take her out solo. It was the passing of a torch.

It's a bit hard to discribe it now, some 25 odd years later, but I remember I was glad to be with my dad no matter how darn cold it was.

When I see the smile on the faces riding an ice boat for the first time, it brings me back to those days. Now I'm creating those days for others.

If you've got a story to share, drop me an email runner@skimmer45.com.

    Dad and I
(This photo was taken X-mas '77, I was 7 yrs old.)